Virtual Harvest Festival 2020

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Welcome to our virtual Harvest Festival.

We hope that you enjoy the contributions from each class, with your families.





Class 1

Welcome to Class 1’s Harvest festival. We have been learning all about Autumn, the fruits and vegetables we eat, how the weather and the leaves change.
We decided we wanted to learn a song and do the actions to it. We really hope you enjoy it. The song is very catchy, I have spent all weekend singing it!
We really hope you enjoy our artwork and our song.

Happy Harvest Festival – Love all of us in Class One x


Class 2

In Class 2 we have been finding out about Fairtrade. We found out that if you see the Fairtrade logo on food, flowers, or clothes in shops it means that farmers who produce them in other countries are paid a fair price for all of their hard work. We illustrated the story of the journey of Fairtrade produce, from other countries to our houses. You can see us holding up pictures and captions in a long line on the field!

Harvest Festival is normally a time when we can sing, but this year that isn`t possible. We have signed a song to share instead! It is a song about thinking of others all around the world. We created beautiful Fairtrade flowers art. After we had carefully drawn the flowers in detail, we decided to use rainbow colours using watercolour paints and pastels.

We hope you like our work! – Love from us all in Class 2 x



Class 3

Class 3 have made some leaf prints using leaves collected from around the school field. They mixed autumnal reds, browns and oranges with a bit of gold and bronze on top.
They also created their own poems using the autumn harvest as inspiration and wrote these over their leaf print background. (click on images to enlarge)


Class 4

Class 4 have been learning to recite a poem by Brenda Williams called Autumn Time. They worked together to create actions that would suit their lines and we luckily managed to find a dry day to combine it together outside.

Mrs Baker has also been creating beautiful artwork with the class. The class used watercolour to create their own observational paintings of two apples, a quintessential harvest sight in many countries. They started with a sketch, filled the background with a wash, and then blended the colours to give the apple its 3D shape. The students added a shadow area below the fruit. Lots of these techniques were new to Class 4 and they tried very hard. We hope you enjoy their paintings.





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