Fiery Phoenix update – w/c 22 June 2020

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This week, we followed instructions to make our own paper helicopters. 

We then conducted our own investigations to see if we could make them fly in clockwise and anticlockwise directions, and how to modify the helicopters to stay up in the air for as long as possible!


Enjoying lunch time …

Picnic lunch, then some football, tennis and lots of running around and just having a good old chat with friends!


Let`s Moodle!…

We listened to a piece of music called `Fly on` by Coldplay.

Our doodles were so different, and it was interesting to hear what thoughts had been inspired by the music.  They varied from remembering family loved to birds flying on a musical pathway in the sky. Fabulous!

Mindful Hearing

The children sat in a quiet place and drew what they could hear.


The children practised their athletics skills with Mr Tyrell. This is to better prepare them for the virtual sports day.

Throughout the lesson they hopped, jumped, threw and bounced balls, finishing with various competitive sprinting challenges. One of which was called THE CHASE; where one pupil had to catch the other (in a socially distanced manner of course).

Despite the heat, the children worked hard, with every individual giving 100% – even Mr Calderwood!


End of day mindfulness

At the end of a busy day, it is good to stop and learn some breathing and relaxation techniques!

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