Fiery Phoenix Group Update | w.c 15 June 2020

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In literacy this week the children have been planning and writing a play script to accompany the short film, ‘Soar.




We enjoyed another fabulous time in Forest School with Dea this week. A happy time was had by all constructing carefully designed dams, learning how to make kazoos, serving delicious and inventive `food ` from the cafe, and playing woodland games. Everyone could have stayed all day!



After a busy day in school, it’s good to stop for 5 minutes to unwind and relax. It can be tricky to get in the `zone` sometimes but it is a great thing to do to keep our minds healthy.

Model Aeroplanes

We found out about the Wright brothers and then our challenge was to follow instructions to build model aeroplanes. It took a bit of clever thinking and strength to assemble all the pieces. After we had embellished the planes with our own designs, we decided to attempt to fly them! This had varying degrees of success, but the planes were rebuilt afterwards! We concluded that these planes are intended to be models to look at, not to take off!


On Thursday we had the pleasure of taking part in a zoom call with the UK Space Centre. The call lasted just over an hour alongside 30 other schools. During this time we learnt a number of facts about the Moon, Sun and Earth. This included the learning that the Moon is moving 4cm away from us every year! At the end of the lesson we were able to ask a question as a class which the children formulated as a group: How are black holes formed?
At the end of the call we were able to wave to the Space Centre and convey our thanks through Mr Calderwood’s Microphone and webcam.


The children have been lucky enough to have two sessions of PE with Mr Tyrrell this week, in the morning they played Dartmoor three-ball football, then Athletics. They learnt the skill of keeping to a pace and not burning all their energy to fast.

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