Meet the Federation Governors





LeighLeigh Mansfield – Parent Governor, elected by parents, term ends 02/10/2021, Chair of the Teaching & Learning Committee and member of the Appeals Committee. Registered business interests: none



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Rev John Williams – Ex-officio Governor, member of the Teaching & Learning Committee and Appeals Committee. Registered business interests:  none

Joe Baxter – Staff Governor, elected by school staff, term ends 16/05/2022, a member of the Teaching & Learning Committee and a member of the Finance, Personnel & Premises Committee. Registered business interests: none

Liz  Ricroft – Co-opted Governor, appointed by the governing body, term ends 18/07/2022, Registered business interests: none

Laurence Adams – Clerk to Governors. E-mail:

How to contact us: Please email

The governors have adopted their own Governors’ Handbook which contains information on the role of lead governors, Terms of Reference and the governor’s Code of Conduct.  This document is reviewed annually at the first meeting of the new academic year.

Governors who have served over the previous 12 months:

Carol Smith – Co-opted Governor – term ended 18/01/2018

Julie Gibbs – Co-opted Governor – term ended 31/05/2018

Dave Roberts – Co-opted Governor – term ended 21/07/2018

Governor Attendance at meetings 2017/18