Class 1

Teachers – Mrs Rachel Garner & Mrs Jo Tetlow

Spring Term 2021

Welcome back!  We hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas break.  Obviously things are a little different this half term.

Our planning will be sent out each Friday, as you know. We are hoping to ensure you have any printable resources every 2 weeks. So, hopefully by now you will all have the Little Red Riding Hood resources, as well as your packs.

In order to help motivate and encourage, we will be sending children a star and an email each time you email their work into school. We will keep a log of stars and celebrate with them when we are back in school with a special pizza and film night. This is as a means of support, if it is something which will cause issues for you, please don’t feel you have to complete.

We are aware home learning comes in many, many forms, and everyone is doing the best they can. So if you are not following the plan, your child is learning in another way, brilliant, celebrate that with us as well.

Please be assured we are on your side and want to support you as best we can. You have had to deal with a lot of emails and information but rest assured, as we settle into the routine, there will be less!

We are lucky enough to be having Miss Fulls back, and she will be planning some lessons and teaching remotely.

In terms of our zoom sessions, some things to bear in mind:

  • Please can your child be in a shared space for their zoom lessons (not their bedrooms).
  • Ensure they are appropriately dressed. Pj’s are ok!
  • If possible could you please have a conversation with them about how we will all have to wait our turn. When they have something to say just like in school, could they put their hand up.
  •  There maybe times when we will mute all the children, so we can teach something without background noise, but then ask them to unmute. (Let’s see how we get on with this, as it would be good for you to be able to let them get on with the taught session, while you get a cuppa!)
  • As some of you saw, we had teething problems on Thursday with zoom, hopefully these will have been ironed out but please bear with us – computer whizzes, we are not!

Please email or phone if you have any questions.

Jo Tetlow and Rachel Garner

For an overview of the entire Year 1 curricula please click on the link below.